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What to choose?

Philament products are available in two product groups:

Philament Basic

Philament Basic product group includes PLA, ABS, and PETG filaments which, in addition to the plastic raw material, contain pigments and other additives, which facilitate the printing. High quality, reliable products for general and hobby printing. Wide range of colors, saturated shades even in one layer.

Philament Technical

This product group serves a wide range of industries and applications – automotive, mechanical engineering, electronics, architecture, design, etc. – providing filaments for special 3D printing needs. Most Philament Technical products are PLA-based, in addition they contain special additives that result in filaments with special properties.

Comparison datasheet

To make easier choosing the appropriate filament, we compiled the following datasheet, which contains general characteristics and applications of Philament products, printing settings, and mechanical properties of 3D printed specimens.


Download datasheet: Philament-Comparision-datasheet-20200810


Overview of product characteristics (excerpt from the datasheet):